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Bespoke Training for Organisations

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Each situation is unique, and every delivery is tailored to your needs.

DEN’s wide selection of core Training and Education packages are modified, added to and molded to suit your requirements and needs. If we don’t have an existing training package, we will create one for you!


The Process

Organisations and groups interested in our training and education sessions can simply give us a call or send us an email. Our team will undertake a consultation process with you to ensure that we fully understand exactly what you need. We will ask you about what you’re looking for, what’s currently happening, and who you are to paint the full picture of what you need delivered and how.

DEN’s skilled and experienced team will work closely with you throughout the entire process to deliver a training and education experience that gives you and your team the knowledge and skills to move forward with confidence.

Training and Education Examples

  • Brief Interventions (Basic)
    • Using DEN Resources in Brief Interventions
  • Motivational Engagement
  • Working with Challenging Clients (Basic | Intermediate)
  • Trauma and Addiction, including Mental Health
  • Addiction Awareness
    • Destigmatisation
    • Engagement
    • Planning for Case Management (Basic)
    • Goal Setting
    • Recovery Cycle / The Cycle of Addiction
    • Connections Building
  • Health Promotion
  • The Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention (PPEI) Sector Plan
  • Nutrition and Relapse Prevention
  • Much more!