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School Communities

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DEN can provide comprehensive support to entire school communities in effective drug education and tackling existing or emerging issues.


What works in school drug education?

DEN follows the Principles of School Drug Education link.

The Principles for School Drug Education provide a framework of core concepts and values to support effective drug education practice within schools. They are intended to guide school executive, teachers and staff, as well as families, community agencies and other stakeholders, in making decisions related to drug education practice within school communities.

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How does DEN work with schools?

While we can provide one-off sessions for students, evidence indicates that ongoing communication and learning from within the school community is best practice for dealing with alcohol and other drug issues.

DEN works with schools in four key areas: Whole of School Support, Teacher and School Nurse Training, Parent and Guardian Information, and Student Education.

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Whole of School Support

Whole of School support focuses on your entire School Community: Principals and Administration, Teachers and School Nurses, Students, and Student Families. It is widely understood that the most effective drug education outcomes involve whole of school in a wrap-around approach for pupils.

Our team will discuss with you the kind of support you’re looking for, your school environment, and any existing or emerging issues. Our training and support are always tailored to your school, and we do our best to accommodate any particular needs.

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Teacher and School Nurse Training

  • Curriculum Support
    • Lesson Planning
    • Curriculum Activities
  • Drug Education Training
      • “What works in drug education?”
      • Boundaries and referral pathways
      • Addressing issues in the classroom

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Parent and Guardian Information

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Student Education

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Each year, DEN provides the Tasmanian Department of Education (DoE) with a report on all of the school related activities which take place. All DoE reports can be found below.

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