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Drugs and Work Video

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This short video covers basic information about Drugs, their types and effects, Standard Drinks, Zero Tolerance Policies, and How to Stay Safe at Work.

The video can be used during induction into workplaces and for educating students or job seekers about health and safety around drug use and work.


The ‘Drugs and Work’ video is freely available on DEN’s YouTube and copies can be distributed on USB Drive or CD for locations without a reliable internet connection.

We continue to recommend and distribute the video to workplaces, education facilities and libraries and look forward to creating more resources in this format.

You can find a link to the video and request an offline copy on our Resources page.


Illustration of a brain inside a cloud with lightning boltsHistory

The video was originally intended to be a 4 page fact sheet that could be distributed online and via print, and multiple drafts were created. In the midst of writing the copy, however, DEN became involved in the HeLLO Tas! Health Literacy Project, which inspired Maria to investigate other ideas. After much thought and discussion, Maria decided a video presentation with a voice-over would be a useful and health literate way to distribute the resource.

After the visual presentation was completed, Maria, with the help of Zoe, attempted to record the audio in the Hobart office. However, as the office was soon discovered to be unsuitable due to traffic noise, DEN approached The Link for assistance. With the help of their professional recording studio, the voice over was recorded and finally was compiled with the presentation to become the final video.