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Everybody’s Business links people with drug & alcohol help and resources. It is a signposting portal for the best quality Alcohol and Other Drug information, and a platform for Champions within the Tasmanian Community to share their work and passions with everyone.

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Following the launch of Everybody’s Business: A Strategic Framework for implementing Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention approaches in 2015, DEN, as lead agency, created Everybodys.Business, a community and sector portal of ATOD PPEI Information.

An identified goal within the PPEI Implementation Plan is Goal: 3.1 To develop a repository of evidence-based resources about PPEI.

This goal contains three activities:

  • 3.1.1 Develop and launch an Everybody’s Business website and highlight ‘champions’ in the community
  • 3.1.2 Develop mechanisms that will support the work of the Strategic Framework:
    •  an ATOD PPEI website
    • a register of ATOD PPEI activities across Tasmania
    • linkages to contemporary evidence-based PPEI resources
  • 3.1.3 Review and disseminate brief intervention tools and programs:
    • that the ATOD sector can embrace as part of everyday business
    • specific to young people
    • aimed at building resilience and raising awareness of drug harms

DEN has addressed these goals with Everybodys.Business.



It was identified early in the build process that a wide variety of accurate, excellent quality information, tools and resources already exists from various organisations within Australia and across the world, however knowledge and access to these sources seems to be limited. Everybodys.Business sign-posts to already existing resources, and serves as a flag for new resources being developed.

Everybodys.Business is a one-stop curated library portal for all members of the community, regardless of their skill level, to find accurate, sensitive and appropriate information, resources, and screening tools. It features an innovative single page design, using a powerful tag and search system to organise information.

This was chosen over the traditional website design, where resources and information are sorted into separate pages; often by groupings such as ‘Parents’, ‘Health Professionals’, ‘Young People’, ‘Teachers’ etc. By removing the labelling of people into categories, the website acknowledges that people may have many complex identities and empowers people to seek and access evidence informed resources as appropriate to their life/work and circumstances. Embracing a developmental health approach which recognises that people’s lives are a pathway of interconnected phases.



The website does not make assumptions as to the complexity of the information the user is searching for, instead allowing users to choose according to their needs. This transparency serves to empower the user to find exactly the information they need, as well as allowing health professionals to be informed of the breadth of resources available to the public.

It is built using best-practice UX  (User Experience) Design and conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 to ensure that all members of the Tasmanian community with access to the internet will be able to use the website to find information, inspiration and services.

Everybodys.Business also features the ability for members of the community to submit items for consideration into the library. This may include resources and information, but it is hoped that the community will use this feature primarily to share stories of Community Champions – members of the community who have taken a leadership role in the Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention of ATOD issues within their community. A small number of stories launched with the website. It is hoped the involvement of these community stories will provide inspiration and increase community capacity to design solutions to answer their own community needs.