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The FASD Handbook for Health Professionals

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The newly updated FASD Handbook for Health Professionals combines best practice information and guidelines when working with women around the issue of FASD.

Image of the cover for The FASD Handbook for Health Professionals

It details primary, secondary and tertiary prevention approaches for preventing prenatal exposure to alcohol and supporting women with issues of alcohol dependence.  The guidelines emphasise Women Centred Practice – which avoids blaming, stigmatisation and judgement of women who have complex needs and may be experiencing complex trauma.


One of the best FASD resources available.” – Louise Gray, EO, NOFASD Australia

The Handbook was launched by the Hon. Michael Ferguson MP on September 7th, 2016. The resource is freely available to read online, and hard copies are distributed to health professionals free of charge and at a small cost to members of the public.

Training sessions are available for health professionals to learn how to apply the suggested primary, secondary and tertiary prevention approaches in practice.

For more information or to request a training session, just send us an email by clicking here.

Click here to visit our Resources page and read the Handbook online, or request a hard copy.


Illutration of Question and Warning signs emerging from behind an alcohol bottle


The FASD Handbook originally began as the PEA (Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol) Prevention Handbook, endorsed by the Director of the North Dakota Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Centre and released circa 2009. The original handbook was written by Vicki Russell and a large collection of stakeholders were consulted to contribute to the final document.

In 2016, Maria and Marion revamped the entire document using new best practice information and Health Literacy principles to produce an updated, evidence based resource designed for Tasmania’s health professionals.