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Party Rules

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Party Rules: A Guide for Parents of Young People is a booklet to inform parents and young people about the legislation surrounding functions and parties.  It provides an opportunity for them to plan, discuss and hold a party safely and in accordance with the legislation. Party Rules also provides information about reducing alcohol related harms to young people across Tasmania.  At the very least, we hope it will provoke some honest and open discussion between young people and their parents about alcohol.

Cover image of the Party Rules 2nd Edition Resource


DEN continues to distribute copies of Party Rules to as many locations and services within Tasmania as possible. Annually, DEN sends a reminder to schools that this resource is available and encourages libraries, parents and students to view the copy online or request a hard copy.

Party Rules is an excellent resource for youth workers, school nurses and teachers to continue discussions around safe partying, alcohol consumption and risky behaviour. DEN Educators are available to provide advice and support for anyone looking to open discussions or run sessions using Party Rules.

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Snippet from Party Rules booklet. White text on blue backround: "At my son's 17th birthday party I told him the rules were like a music festival: No backpacks or bags of alcohol. No illegal drugs or cigarettes. No pass outs - if guests left the party they weren't allowed back in. Most of the young people understood those rules." - Parent Comment


In 2009, Victoria updated their laws around youth and alcohol, specifically giving alcohol on private property to people under the age of 18. This updated law, meaning that people under 18 needed a parent or guardian’s permission to drink on private property, encouraged Tasmania to highlight these issues locally and inform the community about the Sale and Supply of Alcohol to Youths (Police Offenses Act 1935) legislation in Tasmania.

Party Rules was created in 2012-2013 in a collaboration with Tasmania Police, launched alongside the Tasmanian Teen Drinking Law Facilitator’s Manual and the Sale and Supply of Alcohol to Youth DVD, by The Hon. Michelle O’Byrne in Launceston and Commissioner Darren Hine in Hobart. The booklet was a multi-author collaboration within DEN and Tasmania Police, and designed by Cathy McAuliffe to appeal to young people using fresh, vibrant design. Softcover booklets were printed for release and electronic versions hosted on the DEN website and shared widely.

The booklet was revised and re-released in 2015 with updated information, correction and statistics.

Since release, Party Rules has been mailed to schools across Tasmania. Each school receives a yearly reminder in hard or electronic copy that the resource is available, and schools are offered support to provide education sessions or talking points for their students, parents, and school communities.