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PPEI Community of Practice (COP)

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The Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention (PPEI) Community of Practice (COP) meets quarterly around the state to share information, approaches, successes and challenges in using PPEI approaches in our work. This community of practice has helped to make connections and learn from each other what prevention approaches work well in the community and education space.

The aim of COP has been to collectively talk about and share information about prevention and promotion and what that looks like beyond the AOD sector, e.g. some organisations have shared their approach of working in community to educate about the importance of protective factors in preventing harm from drugs. Another goal in 2019 is to work together to provide current evidence to Government on the benefits of funding promotion and prevention programs.


New meetings will be announced in 2022.

Terms of Reference

Click here to view the PPEI COP Terms of Reference [PDF, 91kb]

If you are interested in joining the COP please contact Maria via email at

Maria is available to have a conversation about how you can get further involved.

Click here for more information about PPEI.


At our first meeting for 2019 the COP talked about the possibility of becoming a local drug action team. This opportunity will be explored with the potential focus on a specific project with the benefit of a number of organisations working together to continue promotion and prevention efforts over the next 12 to 18 months. Some thoughts are to convene prevention forums to continue education about prevention and promotion approaches throughout the Tasmanian community.