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Storytelling Dice

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The Storytelling Dice are a set of three dice (Blue, Red and Green) designed to facilitate discussions, experiences and opinions about drugs in an engaging way. They are an interactive resource that does not rely on writing or literacy, and are accessible for all ages and abilities. The Storytelling Dice draw on the power of narrative and storytelling to engage people in what can be otherwise difficult or boring conversations.


Pairing the Storytelling Dice with Rory’s Story Cubes opens a huge range of story and discussion possibilities and DEN continues to encourage teachers, workers and families to pair them for best use. Combining the sets in educational settings has led to fantastic engagement.

DEN is currently working to expand the Storytelling dice with a Road Safety set, to elicit knowledge and experiences around driving and drugs. This expansion set is currently in the design stages.

To request your own copy of Storytelling Dice, visit our Resources page.


Image of 1 Red, 1 Green and 1 Blue Storytelling Dice


Narrative is an important part of the therapeutic process of unravelling trauma. Learning the skills of narration and gaining confidence in storytelling is a recognised as important for therapeutic intervention in clients with complex trauma.

Evidence indicates that young males respond well to kinesthetic (or movement, active) approaches and tools such as the tactile (touch) and auditory (sound) nature of dice games.

The DEN Storytelling Dice are also inspired by Rory’s Story Cubes, a commercial game which includes 9 dice each with six symbols. The player rolls the dice, and attempts to tell a story using the images that have appeared. James lead the project to design a set of dice which represent common drugs and addictions.