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Tune In Not Out (TINO)

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TINO is a youth health portal that features videos, stories, blogs, music and factsheets from services across Australia. The website allows young people to seek health information and advice on a wide range of topics and share their own stories and experience with their peers.


In late 2010, TINO became large and successful enough to become an independent project. The website was an Official Honoree in the 2011 Webby Awards and continues to produce and feature content.

Today, TINO has many hundreds of videos, fact sheets and stories available for youth and continues to upload new content regularly. TINO also links to other reputable sources of information to provide the best possible range of resources, including the HealthDirect Symptom Checker widget featured and ready to use.

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This project was an initiative of DEN and the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation. The project included several sub-projects to support the website and the local community, such as Video Production Workshops, giving youth the chance to learn film making skills, and Train the Facilitator training, preparing facilitators to run Video Production Workshops, allowing Community Service workers to connect with youth and offering the young people of Tasmania more opportunities to engage with services and participate in the workshops.