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Wiser and Older

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Wiser and Older is a DEN resource for all Tasmanian’s to encourage safer drinking habits throughout life.

It is especially useful for people over 50, as it covers health issues when drinking alcohol and taking certain medicines which occurs more frequently as we age. It also explains our changing metabolism as we get older and how this can lead to increased effects of alcohol on our bodies.  Common myths about drinking alcohol in young and old are also examined.

Image of Wiser and Older resource front cover


DEN continues to distribute copies of Wiser and Older to as many locations and services within Tasmania as possible.

Our Educators are also available to deliver free interactive community information sessions about Wiser and Older, including free copies for participants and workers.

Click here to visit our Education and Training page and learn more about our Education sessions.

Click here to visit our Resources page and read Wiser and Older or learn how to request a hard copy.


Pale text on green background: "But I only ever have one drink!" - You might be drinking more than you think.


This resource was written after DEN carried out a research project in 2010, looking at knowledge around alcohol for older Tasmanian’s.

The research showed there was some confusion about the following:

  • Clarity concerning prescription medications
  • Chronic disease links with alcohol
  • Loneliness and social isolation, and links to alcohol and depression/mental illness
  • Young people being given alcohol by guardians
  • Older persons often don’t discuss AOD and associated harm